Return Policies

Return policy

  •          In case the item you received is damaged or defective, you could return an item in the same condition as you received it with the original box and/or packaging intact. Once we receive the returned item, we will inspect it and if the item is found to be defective or damaged, we will process the refund along with any shipping fees incurred
  •          For received wrong item, you can return the item in the same condition you received and in the original box and/or packaging intact. Once we receive the returned item, we will process the refund along with free 15 day returns.

There are a few certain scenarios where it is difficult for Egsale to support returns:

-Return request is made outside the specified time frame, of 15 days from delivery.

-Product is used, damaged, or is not in the same condition as you received it.

-Specific categories like innerwear, lingerie, socks and clothing freebies etc.

-Defective products which are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

-Any consumable item which has been used or installed.

-Products with tampered or missing serial numbers.

-Anything missing from the package you've received including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies and accessories.

-Fragile items, hygiene related items.



Non-Return List


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Sell ​​policy through

  •        Seller policies

The process of registration and sale Seller shall establish an account on the site owned by the

  •          Seller gives all the data pertaining to the commodity to be displayed and marketed through the website, which includes the main data and the most important

1-Item name.

2 - Pictures and technical specifications related to the commodity.

3- Selling price of goods.

4. Agency data, if any.

5. Detailed description of the product.

6-Stock item. will display the item on its website.

  •          The purchaser shall make the sale request and the Seller in this contract shall be notified of the sale order and the application shall be confirmed by Seller.
  •          Seller shall process and deliver the goods to the shipping company contracted with the first party.
  • delivers the goods to the buyer and collects the price.
  • shall transfer the price collected from the buyer to Seller after deduction

 Fees and percentage (%) agreed upon and subsequently built pursuant.

  •          Processing and delivery of the agreed goods to the contracting company with
  •          Packing and packing of goods in an appropriate manner to prevent damage or damage.
  •          If Seller offers goods requiring licenses to sell these products either with the approval of the Ministry of Supply, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior or the Food Institute, the first party shall submit to him the receipt of such approvals before presenting them on the website of the first party.
  •          Delivery of Seller any documents or other documents that help the process of sale.
  •          Seller Pays the Return Shipment Fees
  •          Seller undertakes to accept any goods returned by, based on the guarantee of hidden defects or non-conformity of the products to the specifications specified by Seller or for not matching the same product
  •          Seller shall submit a tax invoice on behalf of the customer for the products he sells through the first party website.
  •          Seller acknowledges its enjoyment of legal and contractual capacity and has the right to sell such goods and products at its own risk. In case of violation, the official is legally responsible for this violation.
  •          Seller undertakes not to be liable to the applicable laws and regulations and without limitation the rights of the month and ownership or any other rights regulated by laws, regulations, decisions or laws for the protection of the consumer.
  •          Seller acknowledges ownership of the goods and products presented through the website and are free from any material obligation. S\He also confirms that S\he has the right to legal action in them.
  •          Seller undertakes that all goods sold free of defects. In case of breach of any of the previous commitments and obligations, and the buyers will compensate the damage with the same value of the goods purchased and / or any similar damage. Where returns the goods sold to its officials and the tunnel of Seller
  • undertakes to abide by the policy and guidelines regarding the offer of the product for sale as advertised on the site and in general. In addition, Saler undertakes to comply with's internal instructions as amended from time to time.
  •          Seller shall be solely responsible for the goods sold in front of all government agencies as well as the management of consumer protection and abide by all regulations of these entities
  •          In the case of cancellation of orders for the reason of the balance of products is not enough, and by not updating the balances of the products of the second party on the site is signed a fine twice the agreed commission of the product rejected for lack of availability to be
  •          The second party undertakes to supply the goods actually sold through the site and may not be changed or replaced by any other type



  •'s obligations

     A- Approving the presentation of the products determined by Seller via the e-marketing website provided that the necessary standards for this product comply with the purpose of marketing and e-commerce of the supplier's products. hereby undertakes to accept the electronic purchase orders and to collect any payments (either cash or electronically via credit cards) from the customers on behalf of the supplier.

   B- shall not be entitled to change the price of the commodity without the consent of Seller.

   C- Manage orders and execute them, and serve the freight to the buyer

   D - Collection of the price, and procedures for payment of goods sold on the website of electronic

  E – is committed in case of loss of goods or damage because of it to compensate the Seller for the value of these goods and if any goods lost, the second party committed to release the invoice purchase tax value of this commodity for the benefit of

F-Egsale shall comply in case if it is obliged, in accordance with the requirements of the market or issuing any government decisions to impose additional fees on the sale of the products through the electronic marketing site in agreement with the second party. Egsale shall notify the Seller according to the formal way agreed between them and the existing.

G-Egsale shall transfer the amounts due to Seller after deducting the commission percentage agreed upon. The period of payment shall be two business days after the closing of the statement of account declared on the supplier account in the application for this purpose by 15 working days.

H- The Parties agree that the Egsale shall obtain a fixed commission rate as set forth in the Contract Agreement on the Commission and based on the types of products to be offered by the Seller on the Egsale's website and a percentage of the total amount of sales made. Egsale is entitled to amend this percentage by notification of Seller under the formal method agreed between them and the consent of the Seller in the correspondence mentioned in item fourteenth. Such amendment shall take effect within fifteen (15) days from the date of notification.

I) In the event of termination, termination or cancellation of this Agreement, the Egsale shall not be entitled to withdraw or retrieve any of the goods purchased by any Buyer through its website. Seller undertakes to comply with all after sales procedures of maintenance and spare parts.

 And all other rights before the buyers. Seller shall comply with all previous sales before this abrogation and until the agreed date for the validity of this termination between the parties.